Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Georgia Monument at Chickamauga

I've always liked the Georgia monument. Its not too simple and not too busy. Its in a prominent place (Poe Field along the LaFayette Road). Its the tallest monument in the park. Georgia really went all out when they put their monuments around the battlefield, probably because it was a Confederate victory and it was in Georgia.
The color bearer points north towards Chattanooga.
I like the detail put into the top section. I like that they went to that much trouble when its not the easiest thing to see.
There are three soldiers denoting the various branches of the army. Infantry:
And cavalry:
Chickamauga doesn't offer too many sunset picture opportunities. I sat one night near the Georgia monument and got this one. I like it but wish there were more sunset opportunities.


Anonymous said...

Nick, I really enjoyed Georgia Monument at Chickamaug in your blog.
My Mother was born in Villanow, Walker County, Georgia. And when she, as a child, rode with her parents to visit kin in Chattanooga, she was expected to recite the inscription on the Georgia Monument with each passing. I was born in La Fayette. And I share your admiration of that monument. I am the Historian of the Rivers Bridge SCV Camp in South Carolina. Keep the great blogging going.

Nick said...

Thanks. That's pretty amazing that she recited the inscription with each passing.

"To the lasting memory of all her sons who fought on this field - those who fought and lived and those who fought and died. Those who gave much and those who gave all."