Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sunset Rock part 2

Sunset Rock also offers a great view of the fighting done by Geary's division on October 28. This midnight fight occurred near the center of the picture near where the blue roofed building is.
This is a monument to the New York regiments engaged in this fight located in front of the small brown building that is to the right of the blue building.
Here, Matt shows the study group the ground ....
... using maps from his guide book, Storming the Heights. His newest book, Winter Lightning, on Stones River has just come out in time for Christmas. This spot is where Bratton's Brigade made a midnight attack on Geary's division. Knap's Battery held this high piece of high ground. Eventually the Confederate attack was repulsed.
Looking north up Lookout Valley.
I scanned this picture from the New York monument commission's report. It shows the what the area looked like when the monument was erected. This view is to the south but its interesting to note that the railroad appears closer to the monument then than it does today.
And the New York monument to the 78th, 137th and 149th New York.


Anonymous said...

why would the South want to take over upstate NY?

Nick said...

I'm not sure I understand what you mean, please elaborate