Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crittenden's Division

Fifth Division - Brigadier General Thomas L. Crittenden (OR Report)

Eleventh Brigade - Brigadier General Jeremiah T. Boyle (OR Report)
19th Ohio (OR Report)
59th Ohio (OR Report)
9th Kentucky (OR Report)
13th Kentucky (OR Report)

Fourteenth Brigade - Colonel William Sooy Smith (OR Report)
13th Ohio (OR Report)
11th Kentucky (OR Report)
26th Kentucky (OR Report)
14th Wisconsin (OR Report)

I included the 14th Wisconsin in Smith's brigade because it fought with it that day even though it was technically an unattached unit in the Army of the Tennessee.

There will not be individual posts for brigades as there are no brigade monuments. Instead I will simply do posts for the regiments that have monuments.

From Reed's history of the battle:
This division, consisting of the Eleventh and Fourteenth Brigades and Mendenhall's and Bartlett's batteries, came from Savannah on boats, arriving at Pittsburg Landing during the night of Sunday, April 6, 1862, and bivouacked along the Corinth road in the rear of Nelson's division. Early Monday morning it moved out and formed line in front of the camps of the Thirty-second and Forty-first Illinois, joining Nelson's right, the Fourteenth Brigade in front line, the Eleventh Brigade in reserve. At about 8 a.m. the division advanced and soon after became engaged at the position held by Prentiss and Tuttle on Sunday. Bartlett's battery on the right near the fork of the Eastern Corinth road was engaged until 12 noon, when it retired to the Landing for ammunition. Mendenhall's battery was engaged on Nelson's right until after noon, when it took position in the rear of the Fifth Division and was there engaged until the close of action. The division was engaged along the Eastern Corinth road and east of Duncan Field and out four hour, in which time both brigades and all its regiments were repeadedly engaged. It advanced, capturing some guns; was repulsed and driven back to the road several times. At about 2 p.m. it gained and held the Hamburg and Purdy road, which ended the fighting on this part of the line. It bivouacked Monday night in front of Prentiss's camps.

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