Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Preservation at Shiloh

Shiloh is one of the more pristine battlefields you could ever hope to visit. The surrounding area is still very rural. While this means finding a nearby hotel or restaurant is a bit more difficult, it also means you won't find a gas station where a regiment once stood. I'm willing to drive into Corinth or Savannah for food and shelter so I can handle this little nuisance.

Today I found out that Shiloh will be preserving even more land for the future. In today's Jackson Sun they are reporting that a $1 Million Enhancement Grant has been awarded to Shiloh to purchase more land around the park, and at Fallen Timbers too. I'm especially excited about Fallen Timbers. I've always wanted to see it, and the one time I went wandering that way the closest we came to it was talking to a local who pointed out the ground. It was private (not his), so we just got a look from the road. Not bad but nothing like walking the ground myself.

This is very good news. I know it will still be some time before the land is bought and opened up for visitors but the day is coming when we'll be able to walk around Fallen Timbers. I'm not sure what land might be bought closer to Shiloh, I hope its along the southern boundary, but that land has quite a few homes along it. I'd really like it to be the land on the south-eastern part of the battlefield, where Stuart's brigade first fought. But the park service doesn't usually consult me on land purchases, actually they've never consulted me.

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