Friday, November 21, 2008

Some changes

I've been contemplating a few changes around here. Nothing drastic, just something that will better combine my loves of wandering battlefields, reading books and also my study of Shiloh. I'm taking next week off of blogging. I'll be off so I can make some of the changes without worrying about getting out my daily post. I will return December 1st with updates on all the changes. I love blogging and the interaction with my readers, so I'm sticking around, I'm just going to make some changes to make the entirety of the blog make more sense.


Robert Moore said...


I've been meaning to tell you... I love how I can see the RSS feeds for each of the blogs on your blogroll. I can't seem to do the same in, so not only do I stop by to read your posts, but I use your blogroll to see if there are any new posts on other blogs that I have yet to see. Good idea in doing this!

- Robert

Robert Moore said...

I've also realized that the RSS feed is not "real time." New comments on other blogs are not reflecte immediately in your feeds. Nor do the RSS feeds accurately reflect when a comment was made. Harry made a comment several hours ago and it is still shwoing up in your feed as 1 hour ago. I wonder why there is such a long delay.