Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Parson's Battery

I thought we'd start our Stones River tour where the Park Service starts their tour, at Parson's Battery. The preserved park of Stones River is primarily for the final actions of the battle, Sheridan's final positions, Hazen's stand in the Round Forest and then the attack at McFadden's Ford.

Parson's Battery was located near the Round Forest and was primarily there to defend that spot. When the Confederates finally overran Sheridan's forces and came out near the Cotton Field though Parson's Battery had Confederates on there sides of it. During the entire battle they stood their ground, suffered relatively few casualties and fired an astounding 2299 rounds.

The car in the background is on the Nashville Pike, a road that existed during the battle.
Then a few towards where the Confederate attack would have come from to hit the Round Forest. The high weeds prevent much of a view.

This is the road (McFadden's Lane) directly in front of the battery. There is only foot traffic on the road. This view is to the east showing the ground the Confederates would have attacked across to get to the battery.
And the view looking back at the battery. The national cemetery is in the trees in the distance.
The full story of Parson's Battery

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