Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Its gonna be a boy!

Monday we went in for an 18 week ultrasound and the little baby looks very good. They measured all sorts of things and he's running a few days small but that's not a big deal. But the most important thing to come out of it was that the baby is a boy. So now we can focus on picking the name. Plus I can paint the room the appropriate color and once we start buying clothes and things they don't need to be unisex anymore.

The early front runners for name are:
John Paul Braxton
Thomas John
Matthew Archer

But our tastes change daily so the final decision may not have any of those names in it. But it feels good to finally be serious about a name.


Slamdunk said...

Congrats on the news. I like all of those combinations of names--you can't go wrong.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations, I just got similar news, my next grand child will be a boy, J.C. Tatum Gorton

J.C. Tatum was my Great Grand father who served with the First Company Richmond Howitzers.

An on line book that may help with a question you had about the battle of the wilderness, is posted below.

Gen,Lee let Grant into the woods, but would not let him out.

Dave Tatum
Suffolk VA

Chris Evans said...

Congrats, I like John Paul Braxton the best.


Anonymous said...

Nick, ref an older post about the author Elizabeth Brown Pryor and her book "Reading the Man - A Portrait of Robert E. Lee . . .", do you know how to get in contact with her? I am wondering if there are any plans to publish all - or at least most - of Lee's letters.
Thanks, Brian.