Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sorry for the dearth of posts lately. I've been kept busy working on a manuscript that I hope to have finished soon. Plus I've been fine tuning a presentation I'm giving to the Rocky Mountain Civil War Round Table next week.

And of course there is the more important things like trying to get ready for the baby. The doctor intends to induce labor at the end of June so a July 1st birth is quite likely. The nursery is nearly ready. We've been waiting for the crib to arrive, apparently we selected the slowest company in the world, this Saturday it'll be 17 weeks since we ordered it. Then I can hang some pictures and shelves on the walls and get things finished. Last weekend was the baby shower so now most things we need are here. I think all we're really missing is a high chair and we can wait on that for a little while.

Things should clear up next week after the round table presentation. And then hopefully by the end of the month the manuscript will be complete. So once I start to free up times for better posts the baby will come and the blog will be the furthest thing from my mind. I'll try to build up a supply of posts so that there won't be a precipitate drop off here in July.

Thanks for your understanding.


Ken Noe said...


I understand that you were one of the folks who wrote a letter in support of my application for the Auburn Alumni Professorship? I'm happy to report that I did indeed receive it. Thanks for what must have been a good letter!

Ken Noe

Nick said...

Yes I was enlisted in that effort. I wasn't sure if my letter made it in time. Congratulations, you earned it.