Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lincoln on the Civil War: Selected Speeches

Lincoln on the Civil War: Selected Speeches
This is a small (127 pages) volume that brings together 9 of Lincoln's speeches. These are generally considered to be his most important speeches (one is more a writing than a speech but you get the idea). The speeches are:
Address to the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois, January 27, 1838
"House Divided" speech at Springfield, June 16, 1858
Address at Cooper Institute, February 27, 1860
Speech at Independence Hall, February 22, 1861
First Inaugural Address
Emancipation Proclamation
Gettysburg Address
Second Inaugural Address
Speech on Reconstruction, April 11, 1865
There are a ton of collections of Lincoln's speeches and writings. I personally have one of the larger (though not nearly complete) two volume works. I think every Civil War library needs some sort of "Lincoln's Greatest Hits" volume. If you only want a few top hits, then this volume might be enough for you. If you want to have a wider range of speeches and writings than this one is much too skimpy.

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