Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I hate to admit it but I think the blog has come to a halt. It was always tough to find time for it with all the other activities of life, but now I've added going back to school to the list so there is even less time for non-essentials.

So I'll keep the blog visible for those who want to see some of the research, travels and book reviews, but realistically I don't think I'll be able to blog much anymore. I still review books for Civil War News and will post those reviews here as well, but that is also an area I'll be cutting back on.

Maybe when I'm done with my MBA in 18 months I'll be able to restart the blog, but I can make no promises there. I'd love to use my MBA in a history related field so maybe that will eventually become a good topic for the blog.

Goodbye for now, I hope to be around again, maybe at the end of the MBA program or maybe sooner. I'll still be around reading others' blogs and keeping up on what's new, just won't have the time to be an active contributor here.


Loree Huebner said...

Take care, and I have no doubt we will see you again.

My husband and I love your blog. Thanks for leaving it up.

Chris Evans said...

Good luck.

Always been one of my favorite Civil War blogs to visit.


Charlotte Mason said...

Hello, my name is Charlotte Mason.

I live quite near the Chickamauga Battlefield, and am a member of the John Story Cleghorn Chapter 1273 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Summerville, GA.

This past Thursday our group placed a wreath at the base of the Georgia Monument, the largest monument in the battlefield.

As I was searching the Internet for the words inscribed on this monument, I came across your blog.

We, as members of the UDC, need to send in a report telling of our visit to this battlefield and this monument. Your blog was so interesting, with the description of the monument, the pictures you posted, and the information you gave about the area.

With your permission and with written credit given to you, we would like to use your information and your photos as part of our report.

Would you be open to such a suggestion? CVM

Nick said...

That would be fine. I'd like to receive a copy of whatever you publish. Email me at shilohnick at msn dot com and I'll send my address along.

David Ryan said...

Hi Nick,
I just found your blog and like the spirit of wandering you bring to battlefields. I just wrote a book about wandering called "The Gentle Art of Wandering." It's something you might like. I have a blog on wandering that you might want to check out, If you have the time I would love to discuss wandering with you. I can be reached at
David Ryan