Monday, May 21, 2007

Maryland Monument

The Maryland monument is one of those striking monuments. It has a nice design and a nice location. I have a ton of pictures of it because it lends itself to great pictures. (Check out the sunrise post for a nice shot of this monument at sunrise) Another thing I like about the monument is that it has multiple relief panels. I always find these fascinating. Often the level of workmanship and artistry is amazing. The panels at Antietam seem to be in much better condition than Chickamauga, which also has quite a few of these.
I think this one is fascinating because it shows two cannon right at Burnside's Bridge. Certainly there were cannon in the area that were part of the fighting but there was never any cannon that close to the bridge, at least I don't recall reading of that. But this way it seems more heroic or a tougher feat to capture the bridge since those cannon were right next to the bridge. The other reliefs I don;t know enough about to say if they contain more inaccuracies. I do find it interesting that everyone in a panel seems to wear the exact same hat.

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