Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sunrise(s) at Antietam

To do a good job shooting his movie Mike secured a special use permit from the park so we could be on the field early and late. We ended up getting two good sunrises. The first produced the first three pictures, the 132nd Pennsylvania monument in the Sunken Road. For the first two we stood back from the monument near the parking lot. Once the sun was up I went into the Sunken Road and got the sun cresting that ground too. I like the effect of the silhouetted fence rails.

On another day, once the main group had arrived, we got another great morning. This time we started out near the Visitor's Center. My first shot shows some cannon with the New York monument. The second one I like better, its the Maryland monument. There's a cool prism-type effect above the monument, I hope that turns out well here, it's pretty cool on my computer.


Don said...

Wow, beautiful shots, Nick!

Nick said...

I've really got to give credit to Mike. He picked the areas, I just took advantage of the natural beauty and the great placement.