Monday, October 28, 2013

Milliken's Bend

After Grant's Canal we pushed on to another largely forgotten area, Milliken's Bend.  Along the way we saw a marker for the Duckport Canal, which was more part of the efforts to get past Vicksburg than a desire for the Mississippi River to cut Vicksburg out.

Then there was a marker for the Dalkeith Plantation that was along the bayou.  The marker says the house is still standing but we talked to a local who said the house is long gone.

And then some markers for the battle of Milliken's Bend.  The actual battlefield has been wiped away by the River.  We knew that going in but it was still interesting to be in the area where it happened.  We did go up on the levee in hopes we might have a view of the River but some trees blocked our view.

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