Friday, November 1, 2013

Grand Gulf

After Milliken's Bend we went south to pick up the battles as Grant crossed the River.  Our order was slightly different, and I'll explain it in a later post but here is Grand Gulf where there was a naval battle as Grant attempted to cross here.  Too much resistance so he knew he needed to find a different crossing point.  There is a great park there and its not part of the NPS so there actually was helpful staff on site and a museum to tour.  Great group of people, and they were very happy to see us.
There is a trail down to the river where you can get some idea of the bend in the River that was there in 1863 but of course the River has changed course so its not quite accurate anymore.   

Up near the museum is Fort Wade.  There are a variety of markers up here describing the action.

And one can see the remains of the ammunition magazine that the Confederates blew up once they realized they would have to abandon the post.

Just a gun emplacement but gives some idea of the connecting works associated with the fort.

Then you can also drive over to Fort Cobun, which was right where the big turn of the River was, where the term Grand Gulf came from.  Of course the trees are tall and thick so its hard to get a good view of the water, which is no longer part of the main channel but is where it once was.

Through the trees there is some view of the water but is a bit tough to see.

The road down to the River had this great sign showing how deep the worst floods were.  Had my dad stand over there for some perspective.

And detail of the sign.  The stretch from 1922 to 1937 was rough with four floods over 52 feet.  Then of course the government comes in and channels the River to what we know today.  Now the water is  managed, but floods still do happen.

This mill is behind the museum, I put it in here just because I liked the shot.

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