Thursday, June 21, 2007

Iron Brigade at 2nd Manassas

One of the reasons I wanted to stop at Manassas is because it is where the Iron Brigade (and yes I know there are something like 5 different Iron Brigades, but I'm referring to the brigade that eventually consisted of the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin, 19th Indiana and 24th Michigan) first proved its mettle. They were part of the forces looking for Stonewall Jackson's suddenly disappearing force. And near dark on August 28, 1862 they found it the hard way. Both sides stood close together and traded volleys, with neither side really gaining an upper hand. It would not be the last time these two famous forces faced each other on a battlefield. A good book on the first fight of the Iron Brigade is Alan Gaff's "Brave Men Tears: The Iron Brigade at Brawner's Farm." There is also a good book on how the Stonewall Brigade and the Iron Brigade ended up facing each other quite a few times, it is Jeffry Wert's "A Brotherhood of Valor"

We didn't end up getting to walk around this area much as the sun was starting to set and we still had a long drive to Petersburg ahead of us that day. The first picture is Battery B, 4th US Artillery's position near Brawner's Farm. And the nearby plaque that helps explain what the battery did here.
Along the tree line in front of the guns is a marker to the 76th New York, which formed on the right of the Iron Brigade.

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