Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stone Bridge

The Stone Bridge over Bull Run. One of the main tour stops for its role in the battle. When this picture was taken this past April a more appropriate name for the creek would be Muddy Run. I apologize for there not being much of a posting this weekend (nothing yesterday and this minor effort today) but in the near future I hope to answer a challenge presented by Jenny over at Draw the Sword. The other day she posted a wonderful question about how in summarizing 1st Manassas Douglas Southall Freeman says that 51 men in the Confederate army at Manassas became generals (or already were) and that "eight, were to prove plainly unqualified for the final grade they reached; nine were to show themselves of low capacity to command; seventeen could be regarded as average soldiers; the remaining seventeen were to be renowned." Jenny challenges us to figure out who in the list was renowned, incompetent, etc. I thought I'd take a stab at it and hope to have something here by the end of the week. Jenny's whole post can be viewed at:

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