Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Railroad Cut at 2nd Manassas

During my April road trip to Maryland and other nearby sites Mike and I also stopped at Manassas. I had earlier mentioned our visit but had not posted pictures because to better tell the story of the battle my pictures would also have to come from an October 2004 trip. At the time of my first post I did not want to overlap two groups of pictures, but now I've come to the conclusion that its better to overlap than have nothing.

These pictures were taken along the railroad cut. Only the second picture was from the April 2007 trip.

Here is dad in the cut in front of Archer's Brigade. The tablet, with a time of 5:30 PM on August 29, reads:
"As my leading files entered the railroad cut, I saw the enemy advancing up it from the left. I ordered the 1st Tennessee to fire, which it did with great effect. This first fire was answered by a furious assault upon my whole front. For 20 minutes or more we gallantly resisted the attack until other troops came up in time to save me from being flanked."

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