Sunday, July 1, 2007

Perryville - attack on Parson's Battery

The Confederate attack started in this vicinity on October 8, 1862. The Confederate right, consisting of the brigades of Donelson, Stewart and Maney started out from here. These pictures form a panoramic taken from the marker for Maney's attack. Stewart was on Maney's left and that plaque can be barely seen just below the tree line on the high ground on the left third of the first picture. Donelson was even farther to the left and cannot be seen from here (Donelson's monument will be included in a future post).
Stewart's brigade would have advanced across this ground moving towards the right to attack Parson's Battery on the high ground, which is now known as Parson's Ridge.
And the view directly across at Parson's Ridge. The few cannon in place now are obscured by the trees along the fence line.
The next post (maybe later tonight or tomorrow) will show the view Parson had of the attacking Confederates.

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