Friday, July 6, 2007

Perryville - The Cornfield

A view of Starkweather's Hill with the cornfield visible in the swale along the road. The corn has been cut back in this picture so it is just the brown area surrounded by green.

Another picture from when there was corn looking back towards Parson's Hill.

The fighting in the Cornfield has a special pull for me because the 21st Wisconsin was engaged there. I didn't have a relative in the 21st, but all Wisconsin regiments have a special connection for me. The 21st was a brand new regiment and this was their first combat. They used the corn to hide and delivered a volley in the face of the 1st Tennessee, eventually capturing that flag. I have seen that flag in a museum in Nashville. The 21st was pretty beat up in the assault but it helped buy some time to strengthen the line on Starkweather's Hill.

Here is part of the marker in the cornfield.


Jean J. said...

Love the photos of Starkweather's Hill. I have never been there, but am interested b/c I am writing the history of my Civil War ancestor who was at both Perryville and Stone's River. Thanks for my first glimpse of the real place.

Would you happen to know who holds the drawings of Starkweather's Brigade at Perryville, and Stone's River? I would like to use them in my history. Thanks. Jean J.

Nick said...

The Denver Public Library has the largest collection of AE Mathews drawings. The Library of Congress also has a good sized collection. I would contact either one to determine copyright issues.