Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another of Dyer Field plus map

This is the view from roughly the middle of Dyer Field, taken from near the Dyer house. The view is looking north towards Snodgrass Hill. The south Carolina monument would be on the high ground on the far right of the picture. The slope in front of us is Dyer Ridge and was a Union artillery position. The stack of cannonballs marks Longstreet's headquarters (well after the break through).
Here's a map from Peter Cozzens' This Terrible Sound, page 366, that shows the Dyer Ridge area. The above picture was taken near the spot marked on the map for the Dyer House. The pictures from yesterday of Lytle Hill were taken in the Tan Yard area (Lytle Hill is not marked on the map but it is the high ground west of the Tan Yard on this map).

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