Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DeLong Reservation

I've decided to show the various reservations along Missionary Ridge first before doing posts with pictures from other Ridge areas. Just a way to group them because chronologically just wouldn't work too well here.

Another of the small reservations is the Delong Reservation. All that is really here is the 2nd Minnesota monument, I previously did a post of the 2nd Minnesota monuments at Chickamauga, and some cannon denoting Water's Battery. This position was taken because the Confederate line to the left had given way and these men found themselves flanked.

You may notice a dog at the base of the monument, he was a stray that stayed there the entire day. I seriously considered adopting him but didn't want to drive two days home with a strange dog in the front seat with me.
This monument also lists the men who were killed in the assault on the ridge.
Water's Alabama Battery. Unfortunately the last two pictures show that this battery has suffered at the hands of locals. "JWM" and "Larry T" and "DTM" apparently do not hold this battery in much reverence.

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