Thursday, February 14, 2008

Turchin Reservation

The Turchin Reservation is by far the smallest of the reservations, not much more than a wide spot along the road. It probably was preserved because the steep slope behind it did not readily allow a house to be built here. There are two cannon and two markers here. The cannon are for Dent's Alabama Battery. The marker is for Samuel Beatty's brigade. After taking this position the brigade turned north and "joined by the right of Turchin's brigade on the first knoll beyond this position assisted in the capture of four guns." The Delong Reservation is north of this point and the four guns of Water's Alabama Battery are probably the four guns being referred to on this marker.

View of Chattanooga from the reservation.
Another view of Chattanooga from the reservation, this one is a scan of a picture I took before I got a digital camera so the quality is not as nice. I wanted to include it though because you can see the river in a few places and get a feel for how close this part of the ridge is to the river.


atidad said...

Thanks for posting this. We visited Chatt. last month, and I wanted to take a pix of this, but we couldn't find any place to park! Where did you park????

Nick said...

I walked the ridge. My parking spots were Bragg Reservation and the DeLong Reservation. For this one I probably parked at DeLong. Its a ton of walking and not something I'd suggest on a weekend. I didnt show up til people had gone to work and left before they got home. That sidewalk is very narrow and I wouldn't want to walk it if there was a lot of traffic.