Thursday, February 7, 2008

Orchard Knob - Illinois and Maryland monuments

Two other states have state monuments on Orchard Knob, Illinois and Maryland. In this first picture, of Illinois', the Maryland monument is visible behind it.

This Illinois monument is only for those units who were engaged in the campaign but not in the assault on Missionary Ridge. The includes the following infantry regiments; 10th, 16th, 21st, 24th, 34th, 38th, 60th, 78th, 80th, 82nd, 85th, 86th, 92nd (Mounted), 96th, 98th (Mounted), 101st, 110th, 115th, 123rd (Mounted), and 125th. One cavalry unit, Co. "K" 15th Cavalry. And many artillery batteries; 1st Ill. Light Battery "M", 1st (Bridges Battery), 1st Ill. Light Battery "C", 2nd Ill. Light Battery "I", 1st Ill. Light Battery "A", 1st Ill. Light Battery "D", 1st Ill. Light Battery "F", 1st Ill. Light Battery "I", 1st Ill. Light Battery "H", Cogswell's Battery and Chicago Board of Trade Battery .

The Maryland monument actually commemorates a Union regiment (3rd Infantry) and a Confederate battery (also the 3rd).

"The State of Maryland in honored recognition of the historic valor of her sons who, in blue and gray nobly sustained the martial glory of their fathers in the military operations around Chattanooga for the Union. The proud heritage bequeathed to worthy sons of illustrious sires arose phoenix-like from the fierce fraternal strife. Redeemed and regenerated and now and forever, victor and vanquished are indissolubly united, knowing but one God, one country, one destiny."
I like the detail on the column near the feet of the soldier. Its just a little extra flair when most monuments seem to got he more simple route.

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