Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This Friday I am getting married. I fancy myself a fairly good writer but I cannot piece together the words to describe how much I love Jess. As such you will find no flowery writing here professing my enduring love (although that is true). Instead I would simply like to thank her for bringing happiness and love into my life. I know she hates when she's mentioned in the blog or her pictures appear here, but for this occasion I have been given a little leeway. There will be no Battlefield Wanderings for awhile. I am taking some time off for the honeymoon. I will resume postings sometime during the week of July 21st. During this hiatus please tell the people close to you how much they mean to you. My life was certainly been enriched by having Jess in it, and it bugs her for me to say that every day, but there is not a day that I'm not grateful for having her in my life.

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Eric Wittenberg said...


Congratulations and best of luck to both of you. May the road ride up to meet your feet, and may you be forever young.