Friday, July 25, 2008

McCook's Division

Second Division - Brigadier General Alexander McD. McCook (OR Report)

Fourth Brigade - Brigadier General Lovell H. Rousseau (OR Report)
15th U.S. Infantry., First Battalion (OR Report)
16th U.S. Infantry, First Battalion (OR Report)
19th U.S. Infantry, First Battalion (OR Report)
1st Ohio
6th Indiana (OR Report)
5th Kentucky

Fifth Brigade - Colonel Edward N. Kirk (wounded)
77th Pennsylvania
29th Indiana
30th Indiana
34th Illinois

Sixth Brigade - Colonel William H. Gibson (OR Report)
15th Ohio (OR Report)
49th Ohio (OR Report)
32d Indiana (OR Report)
39th Indiana (OR Report)
There will not be individual posts for brigades as there are no brigade monuments. Instead I will simply do posts for the regiments that have monuments.

From Reed's history of the battle:
The advance of this division, Rousseau's brigade, reached Pittsburg Landing Monday morning, April 7, 1862, and took its place in line of battle at 8 a.m. on Crittenden's right. Kirk's brigade formed in rear of Rousseau. These brigades were joined by Gibson's about noon. The advance of the division was along the Corinth road to the Water Oaks Pond, where it was engaged at noon. Its last engagement was at Sherman's headquarters, from which point the Confederates retired from the field. Terrell's battery belonging to this division was engaged on Nelson's left until 2 p.m., when it moved toward the right and engaged a battery in McCook's front.

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