Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Andersonville - monuments in the park

Quite a few states erected monuments at Andersonville. Many did so in the prison camp and others did so in the cemetery. Since there are so many I will handle them in separate posts. Most of the state monuments in the camp are near the northwest corner of the stockade. This was the area that many of the escape tunnels were dug in. There are also many other monuments in this vicinity.

Vermont's is actually on the walls outside of the visitor's center as you make your way to the camp.
This monument is for Clara Barton, who was part of the efforts after the war to ensure proper burial for all the dead and also that as many as possible were identified. Luckily the prisoner tasked to keep the records had kept a second secret copy for himself that he turned over to the party Barton was a part of. So we probably owe more to Dorence Atwater on this score but Barton receives much of the press, plus founding the Red Cross likely contributes to why she has a monument here.

A second woman memorialized at the park is Lizabeth Turner. She was president of the Women's Relief Corps, an auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic. She also served as life chairman on the Andersonville Prison board and died here.

The Women's Relief Corps erected this monument for the states that did not erect their own monument at Andersonville. Since then Vermont has erected the plaque shown earlier in the post.

This simple monument has the text of Logan's Memorial Day order on the right and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address on the left.

And this sundial is in recognition of the work done by the Women's Relief Corps in creating Andersonville as a park. It was the work of the Women's Relief Corps that got this park started, until it eventually became a national park.





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Chris Evans said...

Thanks Nick for these detailed posts on Andersonville. They bring back memories of my visits to the park.

Anonymous said...

I've got an old picture of me as a baby sitting with Dad in front of the Tennessee monument, but it wasn't until I visited your site this afternoon that I confirmed the monument was at Andersonville. Thanks for having the pics up.
Talmadge Walker