Monday, May 25, 2009

Fort Logan

Today my aide-de-camp and I went to Fort Logan National Cemetery. It was raining a little bit so we did just a little walking. We didn't go in time for the ceremony, I could not find that information anywhere online, but I thought it'd be good just to go there and walk a bit. He loved it. He wants to go back when the weather is better and we can walk more. He does understand that the soldiers who fought in wars are buried there. I don't think he quite grasps that most of the soldiers buried there died as old men long after their service was over. But he doesn't need to know everything just yet. He was excited to see a few Civil War headstones as we read about that war and have not yet done anything from other wars (did anything happen in the US after 1865 anyway?)

Fort Logan has three Medal of Honor winners including a Civil War veteran, which I've blogged about previously here. It was easy to spot John Davis's memorial stone today as he was a blue Medal of Honor flag. I've never seen this before but it makes sense and made the spot very easy to find.

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