Friday, May 1, 2009

Denver City Park

Wednesday I took off work to go with my son's preschool to the Denver Zoo. We had a great time. Afterwards we made a small detour to see some Civil War cannon in the adjacent park.

There are three cannon encircling a monument to poet Robert Burns, which I found an odd pairing. All of the cannon were placed here in 1897 by the Grand Army of the Republic. I believe that there is another Civil War monument nearby, a sundial turns up on google, but there were bums near where I thought it was and decided not to walk over there with my son. There are risks I'll take alone but not with my son along.

This is an 11 inch Navy Dahlgren.

And a 13 inch seacoast mortar.

The mortar was cast at the Fort Pitt armory in 1862.

And then there was a 6.4 inch (100 pounder) Navy Parrott Rifle.

Which apparently was number 331 from RPP.

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