Monday, November 11, 2013

Port Gibson

We had a little problem at Port Gibson.  We got turned around and a bit lost.  Then once we did find out the right roads we were discourged by the locals on driving down to the Shaifer House as they were worried about the coming rain.  In retrospect the rain wasn't bad and we probably could have made it but better safe than sorry.
The thing these pictures do not do justice to is just how rough the country is.  Deep ravines and roads along the spines of the high ground.  You get a good impression of how hard it would be coordinate a battle when you can't move anywhere near line of sight.

In the town of Port Gibson was this nice Confederate monument.  Grant reportedly called the town too beautiful to burn.  I think though that he wanted the town as a supply base and didn't want it as a burned out ruin.  We tend to forget but Grant wasn't really living off the land during this portion of the Vicksburg campaign.  He had a long wagon train that was following him.

This was a common scene as we'd pile out of cars near a marker.  We'd all take our pictures, then discuss where we were in the battle, and how it fit into the larger picture of what was happening.

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