Thursday, November 7, 2013


 According to some brochures the Windsor Ruins is one of the most photographed places in Mississippi.  We did our part to keep it among the top.
Windsor was a big plantation at the time of the battle of Port Gibson.  It wasn't involved in the fighting but served as a field hospital.  These pictures don't do it justice for its size and beauty.  There is a marker that shows what it would have looked like but all that's left is these columns.

The lady at the chamber of commerce told us that this tree was here at the time of the battle and is where the amputated limbs were piled up.  No idea if its true but took a picture of the witness tree just to be safe.

I got a new camera before the trip so I played with the zoom function a bit.  This was a good playground for that.

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Chris Evans said...

Great photographs.

Really enjoying your work on the Vicksburg campaign.

Now if they would just make Champion Hill a state or federal park and have a driving tour and visitor center.