Friday, March 7, 2008

8th Kansas on Missionary Ridge

I just wanted to share some old pictures of Missionary Ridge that have the same monument in all of them, at least it appears to be the same monument. And from going through my collection of pictures it seems to me from the shape of the base that it is the 8th Kansas monument. Next time I'm there I want to try to recreate these old pictures if at all possible. I think it would be an interesting project. If someone lives there or will be traveling there and wants to try it I'd love to see the results, I could post them here as a guest blogger if you want. I have that itch to get back there I just don't know when that will be, probably not until 2009. The old pictures came from the Chattanooga library's photo database. They have a good collection available online.


M said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kurt: Over the past two weeks I've very much enjoyed your battlefield wandering over Missionary Ridge. I had the opportunity to travel along Missionary Ridge several years ago and, like you, use up a tremendous amount of film. I've enjoyed your pictures and comments and would love to see a "Then and Now" presentation. Belonging to the Center for Civil War Photography, this is something our group does on a regular basis. I'm sure your familiar with some of our notable members such as William Frasanito, Bob Zeller, and Gary Adelman. Keep up the great work as I check in almost weekly.
A fellow wanderer from New Jersey.