Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Missionary Ridge - 19th Illinois monument

Nearly every monument or marker on Missionary Ridge is located along the road or in someone's yard, the 19th Illinois monument is no exception. Although it is in someone's yard there are steps that take you up to the monument, there is even a small parking spot right in front of the monument, but I am not positive that this is not actually a private parking spot. I never saw anyone parked there so I think it is okay to park there.

The 19th Illinois formed the left of Johnson's division of the 14th Corps. One part of the monument claims to be the first colors on the crest south of Bragg's headquarters. The back of the monument does not qualify that they were the first south of Bragg's headquarters, instead claiming they were first.

The inscription reads:
The first Union flag was placed on the Confederate works by Capt DF Bremner followed by private John Brosnahan of Co. E, bearing the state colors after the following color bearers had been killed or wounded in the order named:
Corp William Patterson Co. E, killed
Serg't George Steel Co. E, wounded
Private John McDonnell Co. K, wounded
Capt DF Bremner Co. E, wounded


Terry W. said...

How do you get to the back of the monument? Does the resident here actually allow you to rample his lawn, or does the NPS own a little bit of turf behind the monument? Must have passed by this one often, but I never stopped; I don't remember it. I live near Knoxville now, but from 1974-78 I drove the Crest Roads many times, sometimes when I was troubled about something, but often when I felt good. I've enjoyed so much your Miss. Ridge pix. Terry W.

Nick said...

There are steps that take you to the back. If I was on their grass it was only by a foot or so to use the tripod.

The way things were originally done, as far as I've read, is that the War Department (who ran the pars before the NPS existed) bought,condemned, or gained an easement on the land those markers and monuments are on. I have a feeling though that the people who have those monuments in their yard may not believe that an easement to access the monument exists. So I try to give the same respect I'd do as if it was private property.