Friday, March 28, 2008

Symposium Update

We're closing in the Rocky Mountain Civil War Roundtable's symposium. As I've mentioned before we've got good slate of presenters:
James Lee McDonough providing a Western Theater overview
Timothy Smith covering Shiloh
Kenneth Noe talking about Perryville
Matt Spruill discussing Stones River
Sam Davis Elliott presenting Alexander Stewart

We've been busy this past few weeks with last minute details. I've been pleasantly surprised with the increase in phone calls and emails about the event. I'll admit that a month ago I was starting to wonder if this might be a huge flop, but this past week I've fielded a ton of questions about the symposium. And its been questions like "where can I send my money?" These people will be there. And some of them are coming a great distance. I think some people are driving upwards of 12 hours to come to this. Now I hope it does well enough that we decide this will be an annual event. If the recent batch of new registrations is any indication this just might be an annual event.

If you're interested send me an email or a comment and I'll get some info out to you. Some forms are available on this blog, look at the right side of the screen in the section called files.

Hope to see you there.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to commend you on such a successful venture. I know this was your first effort and I feel it was well done.
I've attended a number of these things sponsered by the Austin CWRT and considering it was your initial sympossium I think you should be proud of your effort.
I look forward to being able to provide more feedback. Really liked the theme you selected and I thought all the speakers did great presentations. As I've read almost all the books by the presenters, I was nice to finally meet these authors and pick their brains a little.
One thing the Austin CWRT did that I enjoyed was they had a Q&A session with all presenters able to respond for last 30-45 minutes of their sympossium. This allowed all speakers to comment on particular questions and provided interesting feedback. Just something to maybe consider if you do another down the road. I
I also would like to commend your choice of facilities. If it was me, not sure I would move it unless in the future they just get too big for the Aurora Comm. College. Let's hope that happens.

Best Regards
Don Hallstrom