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Like most state monuments at battlefields the Alabama monument at Shiloh lists the various units engaged at the battle. This one goes the extra step of listing the various commanding officers as well as the two general officers from the state. I changed the order of how the information was inscribed on the monument just so that the order flowed better to my eye. It is located near the Wheeler monument from last week's posts.

To the Lasting Memory of the Heroes from Alabama Who Fought at Shiloh April 6-7, 1862 Erected by the Alabama Division United Daughters of the Confederacy 1907

Alabama Infantry
4th Battalion, Maj. James M. Clifton
16th Regiment, Lieut. Col. John W. Harris
17th Regiment, Lieut. Col. Robert C. Fariss
18th Regiment, Col. Eli S. Shorter
19th Regiment, Col. Joseph Wheeler
21st Regiment, Lieut. Col. Stewart W. Cayce, Maj. Frederick Stewart
22nd Regiment, Col. Zach C. Deas (wounded), Lieut. Col. John C. Marrast
25th Regiment, Col. John Q. Loomis (wounded), Col. George D. Johnston
26th Regiment, Col. John I. Coltart (wounded), Lieut. Col. William D. Chadick
31st Regiment, Lieut. Col. Montgomery Gilbeath

Alabama Cavalry
Gen. Bragg's Escort, Company, Capt. Robert W. Smith
First Battalion, Capt. Thomas F. Jenkins
Miss. and Ala. Battalion, Lieut. Col. Richard H. Brewer
First Regiment, Col. James H. Clanton

Alabama Artillery
Gage's Battery, Capt. Charles P. Gage
Ketchum's Battery, Capt. Wm. H. Ketchum
Robertson’s Battery, Capt. Felix H. Robertson.

Alabama General Officers at Shiloh
Brig. Gen. Jones M. Withers, 2nd Div., 2nd Army Corps
Brig. Gen. Sterling A. M. Wood, 3rd Brig., 3rd Army Corps

Brig. Gen. Jones M. Withers:

Brig. Gen. Sterling A. M. Wood:

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