Thursday, April 24, 2008

One Year

I have been doing this blog now for one year, and I'm quitting, no I'm joking. I love this blog. I've met some interesting people I don't think I'd have ever gotten a chance to talk with if it hadn't been for this blog. I seem to have found a nice little niche here, showing pictures of battlefields and monuments. Somehow I've developed an audience, I can tell from the tracking numbers that there is a loyal audience who checks in at least once a week, some of them have emailed me to tell me how much they like the blog.

I'm continually amazed at just how many people read this little blog and that I get visitors from around the world. I've had visitors from 73 countries, representing every continent (although there is not much interest in Africa). This blog has been seen in all 50 states. I've had 4916 unique visitors, and they have looked at 21483 pages. These might be small numbers in the grand scheme of things but to me they are pretty impressive, I never would have imagined nearly 5000 different people would see this, that they'd look at it over 21,000 times, or that they'd represent 73 different countries.

Thank you to everyone. To the first time visitor finding this today, to the frequent visitor looking at what's new, to the publishers who have graced me with review books (I'll get to them all eventually, hopefully sooner than later), to the people who have shared a bit of their own lives with me on this site. Thank you all. Hopefully we'll bump into each other on the road somewhere and can share some more stories.


Jim Miller said...

Nick, Congrats on your first year. Yours is definitely a blog well done. Keep up the great work. I like you have only recently started blogging, and like you have had the greatest experiance, not only connecting with the ordinary every day people but also making connections with authors and publishers of Civil War books.

Don said...

Congratulations, Nick! Here's looking forward to your second year and many more beyond it.

Nick said...

Jim and Don,
Thanks. Its been fun and I hope to continue it for the foreseeable future.