Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Granger Knoll

The term Granger Knoll is my own term, officially I'm not sure this knoll has a name. But it is where Granger's headquarters monument is so that is why I'm calling it that. This spot is where Whitaker's Brigade formed on the afternoon of September 20th. This was the first of Granger's Reserve Corps to reach the lines along Snodgrass Ridge. These four pictures form a panoramic moving right to left.

The monument on the far right is the 89th Ohio's and Granger's headquarters monument is also nearby.
On the other side of the headquarters monument is the 84th Indiana monument. At the far end of the path part of the 98th Ohio's monument can be seen.
Next to the tablets for Whitaker's Brigade is the 115th Illinois' monument. The big monument we can see the rear of is for the 22nd Michigan.
And finally attacking this position was the 2nd South Carolina, the short marker on the edge of the tree line.

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Anonymous said...

Archibald Gracie in his "The Truth About Chickamauga" wanted to call this hill "LeFavour's Hill" in honor of the commander of the 22nd Michigan, Col Heber LeFabour who IIRC was captured in the confusion on Snodgrass Hill at the close of the battle. The name never stuck.