Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kelly Field

Kelly Field is another large field with impressive views but little fighting. Don't get me wrong, there was fighting here, just that it was somewhat minor compared to the action that was 150 yards to the east in the woods. But that early action was actually pretty important. On the morning of the 20th the Confederates had planned to strike the Union left flank and continue to attack in echelon and roll up the Union line, eventually pushing them into McLemore's Cove. Nothing ever seemed to work perfectly for Bragg and this dawn attack was not the exception. The attack eventually got rolling and some Confederates did get on the Union left flank, attacking down the LaFayette Road from the McDonald Field vicinity (where the current visitor's center is). Timely Union reinforcements stopped the attack but not before the Confederates gained the edge of Kelly Field and could see the enormous possibilities.

This panorama (next four pictures) was shot from the southeast corner of Kelly Field near the King mortuary monument.
The LaFayette Road comes into Kelly Field near the taller monument in the left center of this picture and runs along the tree line in the final two pictures.

The 2003 Rocky Mountain Civil War Roundtable study group standing near the LaFayette Road with the Kelly house behind us. Our leader, Matt S., is pointing north explaining the morning attack into Kelly Field.

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