Friday, November 9, 2007


I hope these turn out okay. On some earlier posts I've had panoramas, I also have a program that stitches the photos together. For some reason if I post the stitched photo on the same post as the individuals the stitched version only loads as the version you see here. All of my photos are supposed to load so that you can click on them and see the real size version. The preview versions are fine for most viewing but as you can see there are so small for the panoramas to be laughable.

This first one is of Kelly Field. The original post can be viewed here.
This one is of the Union left blank along Reed's Bridge road. The original post can be viewed here.
And finally here is one from Lytle Hill. There are kinda two posts for this one. Check out here and here. This was back when I was doing my series on the gap.

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