Thursday, November 15, 2007

An old map

I scanned this old map to share because it shows farmer's fields which some other maps do not. I dug this out because my post referring to Recreation Field got two comments about what the name of the field was historically. I did remember it being called Glenn Field but was not sure where the dividing line was. Someone else commented that the area that the North Carolina monument is at is Brock Field (a second Brock Field). This I did not remember but the map proves this to be correct too. This area is on the first map section, above the word Park in the title, Chickamauga Park Base Historical Map.

This map is one of those treasures I found at TIC that I've talked about previously. The first three pictures are sections of the map and the final picture is the entire map stitched together.

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Dave Powell said...


All of that detail is taken from the Betts Maps, (the troop movement maps you get at the park) but drawn more clearly. You can see the divide between the Brock cornfield (the plowed field) and the pasture of Glenn Field, which marks the divide.

The Betts maps also - you have to look carefully - show the all-important Cedar Breaks, which were long narrow clearings that played significant roles in the fighting.

There are many other interesting details on the Betts maps that are difficult to see, but are sometimes quite important.