Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chickamauga bridges

Reed's Bridge is now barely noticeable as a bridge, except for the change in the guardrail. this would have been the Union's view.
Looking off the side of the bridge. I would guess that the stonework at the bottom is the remnants of a previous bridge at the site but that is just my guess.
And Alexander's Bridge. This is a very narrow bridge but considering it sees very little traffic it does not have to be too wide. This picture is from the Rocky Mountain Civil War Roundtable's study group trip in April 2003. I must admit too that I did not take this picture, fellow traveler Bob H. took it.


Dave Powell said...


At Reed's Bridge those abutments are in fact the originals. I was just at the park, and the water is quite low now, due to the drought, and you can see them perfectly. There is one old timber lying crosswise in the bottom of the creek that is supposed to be from the original bridge, as well.

You can park on the east side of the bridge and walk down to the creek on the north side of the new bridge to get a closer look, if you go back - that is county land. Beware that locals use it as a dump sometimes.

Nick said...

Wow an original timber from the bridge! They should preserve that in the museum