Tuesday, October 2, 2007

US Regular Artillery @ Chickamauga

There are four Regular Army battery monuments at Chickamauga.
Battery H, 4th US Artillery in Kelly Field. The view is looking north along the LaFayette Road.
Battery I, 4th US Artillery on Snodgrass Hill. The Snodgrass house is just behind the monument (out of view on the left of the picture).
Battery M, 4th US Artillery on the edge of Poe Field:
Another view of the battery along the park tour route.
Battery H, 5th US Artillery. I'd like to give a good description of the area its in but its kinda stuck in the middle of the forest. It is south of the Reed's Bridge road and west of Jay's Mill. This is a first day position.


Anonymous said...

Battery M, 4th US Artillery had an interesting commander at Chickamauga -- Lt. Francis Lowell Dutton Russell.

Russell was mustered into Company K of the 5th NY Infanty Zouaves on 9 May 1861 & deserted in August of 1861 near Baltimore. Russell was "commissioned into US Army 4th Light Artillery" on 21 October 1861. He would die of disease on 11 May 1864 during the Atlanta Campaign.

While with the 5th NY, he was known as "John H. Conway."

Alfred Davenport, author of the 5th NY's Regimental, wrote the following concerning Conway's actions actions at Big Bethel:

"Private John H. Conway, Company K, is reported to have said, when shot in the leg, 'I have yet one leg left, & will follow my Captain to the end of the charge.'"

As you know, this was the same charge where Company H's captain, Hugh Judson Kilpatrick, was wounded.

Great pictures!

Mike Peters

Nick said...

That is a fascinating connection