Monday, October 1, 2007

A few other Confederate Monuments

Officially most of these are actually "markers" not monuments.

All of the Kentucky markers, Union and Confederate, look like this. No time listed, just the regiment name. South Carolina has two styles. This one is for brigades. Again, no times listed.
And this one is for regiments (with no times listed).
Georgia's regimental markers are much larger and could be called monuments. The design near the top changes slightly for each unit. A cartridge box, as shown here, for the infantry, a horse shoe for the cavalry and crossed cannon for the artillery. Times are listed which makes them much more useful for research purposes.
Tennessee's are probably the simplist of the markers. Just a large rectangle. Times are listed which is helpful.
When doing my Tennessee monument post a few days ago I completely forgot about this monument to the 25th Tennessee. It is on Snodgrass ridge. In the foreground you can see a Tennessee marker that has a large chip out of it. In fact I found 3 or 4 Tennesse markers that had chips or large scraps on them. Some might be accidental damage caused by park service mowers but some did not look as accidental.

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