Thursday, October 25, 2007

Winfrey Field

The battlefield at Chickamauga can be characterized as forests with small fields interspersed. This is more true now than it was during the battle as there were a variety of ways the forests were being thinned (farm animals eating the undergrowth and farmers chopping trees down for fences, houses and firewood). There are few expansive vistas, particularly for September 19th actions. This picture shows the view from Howell's Georgia Battery into Winfrey Field. I've always liked this picture just for the aesthetic aspects of it rather than because it shows something historically significant.
And the view looking back down that same road from in Winfrey Field. Those two cannons in the field are Confederate guns. The Confederate attack generally moved from the right to left in the picture rather than directly at the viewer. On the edge of this field (behind and to the left of the viewer) is where Colonel Philemon Baldwin, of the 6th Indiana and commanding a brigade in Johnson's division, was killed late in the day on September 19th.

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