Monday, October 8, 2007

Wilder Tower

Probably the most recognizable monument at Chickamauga is the Wilder Tower. Probably very few people have been to the battlefield and not seen the monument. It is on the south end of the Union lines in an area that Wilder's Lightning Brigade was at. The brigade veterans erected this observation tower, although the views it offers are of areas that did not see much fighting. The view though is still nice especially since it is the only observation tower of any sort left on the battlefield. The War Department originally erected a few to aid study of the fighting but they have all long since disappeared.

Looking to the east. At the far end of the distant field is the LaFayette Road. On the first day the Confederates pierced the line in this area and advanced into the field before falling back. On the second day Confederates again advanced over this ground but there was very little opposition in this area until they got closer to the tower.

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