Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chattanooga National Cemetery

Normally I'd leave the cemetery post for the end of the tour but I'm including it here because the Chattanooga National Cemetery offers great views of the surrounding area.

This is the original entrance but is no longer used for that purpose.

From the top of the hill in the previous picture you have a nice view of Lookout Mountain. It also has a nice view of Missionary Ridge to the east. Here we are looking towards nearly the center of the Confederate lines. Orchard Knob is north of the national cemetery.
The national cemetery is also the final resting place for Andrews' Raiders. They are placed in a semi circle around a nice monument that has a replica of the General. Additionally some of the headstones indicate if the man was awarded the Medal of Honor. Nearly every soldier involved in the raid has been awarded the Medal of Honor, the civilians not being eligible.

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Jim Schmidt said...

Great posts and photos! For my part, I always get the most out of seeing the nat'l cemeteries associated w/ the battlefield parks. I posted a few times on the Springfield (MO) Nat'l Cemetery:

As for Chattanooga and Chickamauga, especially, you might like the letter I just posted from a WWI soldier, camped in Georgia, who took time to visit the local battlefields:

Keep up the great work!

Jim Schmidt