Monday, January 14, 2008

Confederate Positions near Craven's

Between the Craven's House and the New York monument are two cannons, which represent Howell's Geaorgia Battery. If one takes the time to read the plaque however you find out that this battery did next to nothing. Walthall's Brigade was in their front and they were not able to fire for fear of hitting their comrades. When Walthall's Brigade fell back they retreated fast enough that the battery was not able to make a stand and had to abandon these two guns. Casualties are listed as none on the plaque but no mention is made if they were able to fire off any rounds at all, though it appears that they did not.

This is the final Confederate line for the Battle Above the Clouds. After they withdrew from the Craven's House area they fell back around the mountain to this point. Its not too far from the Craven's House but it was starting to get dark and the Union did not have much opportunity to attack this line.

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