Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Craven's Plateau - Iowa Monument

I love the Iowa monuments in Chattanooga. Partly its because it seems like Iowa wanted to offer one more shot at the Confederates. These monuments went up in the period of conciliation but there is also a sense in the inscriptions that Iowa wasn't totally over the war. The monument near the Craven's House offers these two messages:

"Iowa remembers her patriot sons who went forth at the call of duty to honor their country in the dreadful carnage of war." Not much of a poke at the Confederates, the "honor their country" part might have upset some Confederates.

"May the heroism which dedicated this lofty field to immortal renown be as imperishable as the Union is eternal." That one had to sting for any Confederates who came across that one. Iowa is stating that the Union being eternal is a definite. That must have upset any Confederate veterans who saw this monument as they fought a war precisely because they didn't feel that the Union had to be eternal. For some reason I like that about the monument, that in some small way Iowa wanted to remind everyone that the Union is eternal. Its almost as if Iowa is saying "Don't try secession again because we hate fighting a war just to prove what we all know." Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Also because of where it sits this monument probably sees very few visitors. When I was there I didn't see a sign directing me to which road to take to see it. I simply parked by the Craven's House and walked the road that seemed the most likely. I'm glad I walked it because I'm not sure I could have turned my truck around on that road.

Looking up the mountain towards the Craven's House.
And the view from the Craven's House.

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Jim said...

I love hiking around Lookout Mountain. My daughter goes to Covenant College so I have a good excuse to visit there as often as I can. Great pictures!