Friday, January 11, 2008

A few other monuments at Craven's

While there are a few other other monuments, mostly from Illinois, there are only two others I find interesting. (All Illinois regimental monuments are the same and the design isn't exactly that interesting to begin with but after seeing a hundred of the same thing it really gets boring.) They are the 28th and 147th Pennsylvania monuments. They were part of the White Star Division, named for their corps badge in the eastern theater and now in the west to help turn the tide at Chattanooga.

These monuments are located up the mountain a bit from the Craven's House. I wish I could give a better south or west direction but the trail from the Craven's House to these monuments has a few switch backs on it so I'm not quite sure of the actual distance and direction. But it does not seem too far away. Guess I need to start taking a GPS on my trips.
I like the kepi, its simple but looks nice.
I know I just complained about the Illinois monuments for being too simple, and this is also a simple monument, but I like it. Maybe if I saw 100 just like this I wouldn't think much of the design but as a one time example it is nice.

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