Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Point Park - New York monument

While the other New York monuments we've seen so far are for individual brigades or units this New York monument is for all New York troops involved in the Battle Above the Clouds. The top has a Union and Confederate soldier shaking hands in a sign of peace. This monument is known for this as I've seen it most often referred to as the New York Peace monument.

I'm not sure why but this monument draws me like a magnet whenever I'm in Point Park. Maybe its because Point Park is so small that a huge monument like this is a natural attractant. For those who don't know Point Park is national park property at the top and tip of Lookout Mountain. It offers a few monuments, some plaques and cannons, but mostly it offers great views of the entire countryside. At the tip of the park you can easily see into Lookout Valley and the Wauchatchie fighting, then over to Brown's Ferry and Moccasin Bend, into Chattanooga, and finish off with the entire length of Missionary Ridge (a later post will show some of these views).

Around the circular base are many panels which describe what the New York troops did in the battle.

Here I was just playing around a little bit with the tree.


Anonymous said...

Nick, I stumbled into your Blog this evening and was amazed at the amount of work you've put into it. Looks like I'll be digging your archieves here for a while. My hat is off to you and I will say I'm envious at your accomplishment. I'll probably be hollerin' at ya from time to time.

Nick said...

Thanks, have fun looking around.