Friday, January 18, 2008

House Tour

This will be my last post for a little while. Next Tuesday I close on my first house. I'll then be busy the rest of the week painting and getting it ready to move in. When I'm done with that I'm sure I'll be too tired to give the blog much thought. But I should be back to my regular schedule on January 28th.

In the meantime you can see what I'll be working on.

After coming in the front door, into a small hallway with coat closet, it opens to the right onto our living room. I took these pictures from the stairwell, you can see it intruding into the picture. Our entry is off to the left. I like the window seat, I can see myself reading the paper or books there. Once it has a cushion it will be a wonderful place to read and relax. I’m not that excited about having a fireplace, I didn’t grow up with one and its no big deal to me if we have one. I may never light a fire in there but ya never know.

To the right of the living room pics is the hallway that goes to the kitchen area. In that hallway is the furnace and hot water heater and a half bath (no pics). The kitchen is old and will need to be updated, eventually, but its livable. There is also plenty of room for our dining room table. Off the kitchen is a small alcove where the washer/dryer and pantry is (no pics).

This will be our son’s bedroom. Of the two bedrooms it is the smaller of the two by a little bit.

We’ll use the other bedroom as a computer room, storage, guest room, etc.

This is the bath across the hall from the two bedrooms. As it will primarily be our son’s bathroom it will have a kid theme to it, he picked dinosaurs.
Remarkably I have no pictures of the master bedroom to share. But it is a fair sized room with a walk in closet.
The master bath, which has the same vanity as the half bath on the main level. They were probably recently updated for the sale.

Sorry this is such a long post, and very heavy on pictures. Once we move in and start painting I’ll have more to share.
One funny story to share about all this. Jess said she wanted to avoid doing Civil War themed decorating. She knows its part of my life, she just didn't want my pictures and nick-knacks to take over the space. That's fine with me, I think that's the way it should be. Have an area for my stuff but not have the whole house be Civil War themed. When we were picking out colors to paint the master bedroom she came up with the idea of painting it gray, with a blue accent wall. Her: "Do you think that's okay?" Me: "Sure, honey." All the while thinking, blue and gray, does she realize what she's proposing? I tried to not show much of an opinion on it thinking I'd tip my hand that she was intending to do a Civil War bedroom without realizing it. Eventually I did bring it up Me: "Darling, do you know what colors signified the two sides in the Civil War?" Her: "Blue and Gray, wait, just like our bedroom" Once she realized that we did stick with those colors, all the more reason I love her.
If you're in the Littleton area on Saturday, January 26th, pop on by and help me move. Email me for directions. :)

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mannie said...


Congratulations on being a home owner. You will find nothing more satisfying than the knowledge that you can, in fact, "knock out that wall" to put in a hot tub.

Or anything else your heart desires.

Best wishes, and have at it!